RSD9 Program Guide

A week-long symposium dedicated to systemic design.

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One Zoom room will be open at specific times as a symposium information centre. In the meantime, here are some key things to know.

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Info Desk: Some key things to know

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RSD9 Reception Link

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The Reception room where you can chat in person with an RSD9 volunteer

The RSD9 Whatsapp chat for broadcasting queries and responses. No telephone number required.


Program updates

The RSD9 team will update the online program up to and throughout RSD9 week. An email will be used to notify delegates when the information has critical importance.

Video recording


All keynotes and plenaries will be video recorded. Some videos might be posted at the end of the day if they are helpful for delegates to watch for context and conversation.

Social media

RSD9 will use Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin for communications. Session videos will be posted on Vimeo. NID volunteers populate these channels.

Meeting Protocols

Most online event platforms operate so that guests manage their sign-in names. We request that delegates type in their correct names so that everyone can see who is “in the room”.

Every session is managed by a steward. If you are having difficulty with any aspect of the session, please direct your question to the steward via chat.

Picture documentation

The RSD9 team will document the symposium with videos of keynotes and other photos if possible. For an online event, these are often screenshots of groups of speakers, onsite “behind the scenes” photos, images captured from the screen of working sessions (such as online whiteboards), and the work of the sketchnote artists.


Support and staffing (professional and design students) will provide live sketchnotes at all keynote events and as many of the parallel sessions as feasible.

Registration Fees

  • Fees are set at an affordable cost.
  • SDA members receive a discount.
  • Student tickets are approximately half the normal tickets.
  • The total number of sold tickets will not exceed the online meeting room plenary capacity.
  • Late tickets will not be sold at a different price.